Running Singlet

A running singlet is a lightweight top that is made from breathable fabric. It is a basic top that doesn’t have any sleeves. Singlets don’t have any unnecessary seams, extra trim, or bias, which makes them very comfortable to wear when running, especially for professional runners. If you run in a lot of races every year, you may find them to be a good choice because many are made with built-in fasteners to hold race numbers. This feature eliminates the need to pin your racing number on your singlet.

The running singlet is a very popular running shirt to wear when the weather is warm. Many times it is worn under long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts. Many long-distant runners like to use layers of clothing that can remove as they warm up during their workouts. This kinds of running tops are made both for men and women.

Running Singlet

It’s important that your singlet be made from moisture-wicking fabrics. These special fabrics actually pull the perspiration away from your body to prevent chafing and to keep you dryer. Some singlets have mesh panels that give you more breathability. Some are made with seamless construction which also help to reduce chafing.

A Running Singlet Will Keep You Dry and Cool

You can find singlets that have light reflecting tape on their sides. Some even have reflective logos on them. This will give you more safety if you like to run a night. Some of these styles cannot be put in the dryer but most of them are machine washable. Just be sure to read the care instructions before you wash and dry them.

Running singlets are somewhat form fitting but they are not skin tight. Air needs to circulate around your torso when you run so you stay cooler, especially when running in really warm temperatures. You should avoid wearing cotton tops because these absorb perspiration and become heavier when they are wet.

Since your arms and shoulders are exposed when you wear a running singlet, you need to think about using some kind of sun block product on your skin. Some singlets have cut-out backs and so you need to think about protecting that area of your skin too. You can find tops that have wider shoulders if you like more coverage for your shoulder area.

Many singlets are sold with matching shorts. The shorts are usually made out of the same moisture-wicking fabric so you will be dryer and more comfortable. You can find this type of running gear in all kinds of colors and many runners like to wear bright colors so they are visible when they run on roads.

All of the top sportswear manufacturers make singlets for running. You will be able to find them in all price ranges. Shopping online is probably the best way to find different styles and also for finding good prices. So the next time you are thinking about running gear, remember that a running singlet has classic styling and function which most runners find very comfortable to wear.